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Wish your clients open those messages?

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Package them into A GAME 

Still, using emails or WhatsApp messages? 

  1. Excite your participant even before they meet you personally with a thought sparking game 

  2. Make your client actively practice those new perspectives you taught them.

  3. Ignite their day with a fund to-do list that will keep the materials fresh in their minds 


Time to upgrade your ENGAGEMENT
To interactive, engaging
mini-games that would spark your clients' content consumption 

From companies and organizations to schools and practitioners, PositiveTurn creates a positive social experience that provokes an in-depth discussion which is so scarce in our everyday stressful work and social lives.

The moment in which you experience your strengths in action is a powerful point of authenticity. It’s where knowledge and engagement meet and your heart and mind connect. Your teammate’s acknowledgment becomes your own and the process of recognition takes its course. This unique moment of clarity -  when you truly see the positive in both you and your colleagues - will inspire you to embrace the Strengths approach in all areas of your life.”


Naomi Redel, Game Creator

Creating Authentic Moments

Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar, International bestselling author of Happier and Choose the Life You Want.

“Designed to encourage deep reflection, stimulate positive feelings and create a supportive environment,PositiveTurn provides an important tool for personal and group development"

Yifat Delarena

CEO Leia London

"PositiveTurn is a uniquely stress free, insightful and heartwarming environment to explore your character strengths and find your pathway to positive.”

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