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Naomi Redel is a positive psychology educator and over the years, has co-founded a start-up for applications and games in the area of Positive Psychology.


Over the past 25 years, Naomi has served in a variety of marketing management and business consulting positions. Throughout her career in business she became acutely aware of the critical importance of maintaining a positive atmosphere as a key to accomplishing goals successfully.


Over the past decade, Naomi has focused her efforts in the area of Positive Psychology and the inclusion of the Positive Psychology theories into the world of business, society and education. She does so by delivering lectures, workshops and seminars to a variety of audiences including corporate and educational staff.

One of the key elements in her work is Gamification. She uses games developed and designed by her as tools to identify, understand and practice character strengths at the workplace, at home and beyond.


Addressing the gap in the market for board games in the Positive Psychology field, Naomi created and designed the first ever board game, PositiveTurn, as a new fun and exciting way to discover the practice of positive psychology.


Naomi holds an MBA degree (Magna Cum Laude) from Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

Creating Authentic Moments


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