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Privacy policy

Co Creation Innovation, Insights and Solutions Ltd ("Co Creation") respects the privacy of the users of the "positive turn game" website which operates under the domain name ("website"), and undertakes to act in accordance with this privacy policy terms towards the users of the Website.



The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to provide details of the information collected while using the Website and the use of such information by Co Creation.


Company identity and contact details

Co Creation is a company registered under the laws of the state of Israel (company number 512813080).

Address at 17 Aryeh Dissentshik, Tel Aviv, Israel.

Phone number: 972-52-2870201

Email address: naomi



Information collected during the normal use of the Website

During the normal use of the Website, an information is collected for a statistic use which cannot be identify you personally and is not saved along with your details, such as: web pages you viewed, the Website content that interests you, your IP address etc.

The use of Such information is for statistical purposes and in order to enable effectively use of the Website, to improve and enrich the Website content and in order to cancel or change the form and / or content of the Website.


Information collected while using the "Contact Us" form

The Website offers you to contact Co creation via the "Contact Us" form.

You do not have to use the "Contact Us" form.

If you choose to use the "Contact Us" you will be required to provide contact details as follows:

  • full name

  • Email address

  • Phone Number

  • Country


The contact details will be stored in the Co Creation's databases and will be used for:

  1. Responding to your enquiry via "Contact Us" form.

  2. Direct mailing of promotional information, newsletters and articles, all subject to your consent.

Co Creation shall no transfer the contact details to any third party.



The Website uses "cookies" for its ongoing and standard operation and to collect statistical information about the use of the Website.

The Website also uses a "third party cookies", such as "google analytics", in order to gather statistic information about the use of the Website.

Generally, you can avoid getting "cookies" by changing the settings in your browser. To do so, use the "Help" file in your browser. However, if you choose to avoid cookies, some of the services and / or content on the Website may not be available to you.


Data Security

Co Creation makes a use of reasonable means in order to protect the data stored in company's databases. However, the use of such measures does not provide absolute security against unauthorized access to the information stored in them.


The right to protect your personal data

You have the right to request Co Creation to review your personal data stored in the Company's databases. You may also request Co Creation to amend or delete such personal data. Such a request to Co Creation may be by sending an email to naomi       or by sending a letter by mail to 17 Aryeh Dissentshik, Tel Aviv, Israel.




If there will be any amendments to the terms of this privacy policy, a notice will be given on the home page of the Website



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