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Designed for professionals in various fields including: HR Practitioners, Educators, Therapists, Coaches and Consultants

PositiveTurn is the first ever board game in the field of Positive Psychology. Uniquely designed for professionals as a fun, interactive and educational tool to explore character strengths, PositiveTurn promotes team building, opens up the most “reserved” personalities, and fosters positive feelings.

Whether you’re in an intimate clinic setting, at a client’s office or with several groups in a large company event, professionals can practice Positive Turn with clients or their team to identify each other’s character strengths and jump-start a deep discussion around them. By applying the positive power of the group, both professionals and clients will experience the authenticity of putting their strengths into practice and viewing others in a positive light, all the while discovering new exciting opportunities to grow.


Positive Turn can help grow your business or practice through game practice, workshops and more

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Creating Authentic Moments

The Benefits of introducing Positive Turn into your work environment:

•       Simplifies complex and abstract topics

•       Practice in small and intimate groups, even when delivering a large workshop

•       Creates a structured safe environment to explore and practice

•       Players process thoughts and feelings naturally and positively

•       Game structure includes even the most reserved participants

•       Upward spiral Induces positive emotions which leads to expansion of cognition, creativity and more[1] .



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