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Keeping Israel Resilient Now:
Building Citizen Resilience with Collaborative Emotional Intelligence

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We are all living under extreme conditions right now, channeling all our efforts into supporting our troops and casualties, often leaving ourselves with no strength or tools for self-care. However, as this prolonged period takes a toll on all of us, we must find the energy and inner strength to keep moving forward. This is why the 'Positive Turn Game' is a vital solution for building resilience during times of war. It equips us with the crucial tools to support each other while continually tapping into our inner reservoirs to sustain our collective efforts

Discover 'Positive Turn' through Stav's perspective.


She describes it as a game that helps us connect with ourselves and each other, evoking emotions of calmness, unity, togetherness, and reinforcement during challenging times. Stav highlights the game's focus on positivity and inherent strengths, emphasizing its relevance in our lives.

Key Takeaways from the Group Discussion

Discover the key insights shared by this remarkable group in the video. They delve into building resilience during a time of national trauma, exploring both personal and collective resilience.

Amidst the ongoing trauma faced by the Israeli public, with no immediate end to the war in sight, we find ourselves living under unprecedented conditions of conflict. Now, more than ever, it is crucial that we draw on our inner strength and resilience to endure the current hardships and to preserve our resilience for the post-war period. As we await the war's conclusion, it is our collective strength that will pave the way for the rebuilding of our great nation.

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Building Resilience: Shell's Experience with 'Positive Turn Game' - a Glimpse into Her WhatsApp Message 
(Identity Kept Private)

Hi Naomi Redel, I must thank you for the time you dedicated to us with 'the strength game,' according to positive psychology. You were able to bring out a lot of good things from us, including positive communication and mutual support. In addition, the game gave us a lot of ideas on how to cope, especially with this not so simple situation that we are going through today, due to the war. I recommend to everyone, from young to old, to try 'the strength game.' Personally, it contributed a lot to me. I highly recommend you and this genius game. My love from the southern region.

She shares, 'I've taken many things from the game, especially the power of togetherness, sharing, listening, and embracing the strengths within us.' In the midst of challenging circumstances, 'Positive Trun' offers a moment of respite and a pathway to resilience

Learn how 'Positive Turn' empowers individuals through Collaborative Emotional Intelligence, and its vital role in strengthening Israel during these challenging times. Hear the voices from the community and gain valuable perspectives on navigating the path to resilience.

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