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How do we interpret our characters strengths and in what way are they manifested in each of us?

To what degree do we use them at work, at home and when we are with friends?

When are they most noticeable, and how can we amplify them?


Examine how different people use the same character strength in individual ways. Can we enhance our strengths by examining how others use it? What can we learn about our strengths from the way others use their strengths? 

  • A sense of empowerment, acknowledgment & encouragement from your team members

  •  A positive (upward) spiral of emotions​

  • Honest in depth conversation and a new shared language

  • ​A safe environment to share

  • ​A new positive perspective on life’s events​

  • A feeling of positive recognition and belonging

  • New ways to collaborate and work as a team

  • A boost of confidence and self-awareness

PositiveTurn is a positive psychology board game, centred around the language of character strengths that encourages people to connect, identify and explore their own potential. The Positive Turn game supports the results of the VIA Survey and the VIA Classification of Character Strengths. 

Positive Turn in a Nutshell

The PositiveTurn Experience

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A complete solution for your workshop needs

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Licensing & Train the Trainer opportunities 

Unveil the answers to these questions and more as each player explores their personal character strengths through the positive eye of a friend, while progressing on the board to reach their positive self. Players will engage in in-depth investigation of one’s character strengths, spotting strengths in others and active reflection about the way these strengths are manifested at work and in the private lives of participants.

How to play 

There are a variety of ways to play the Positive Strength game. Outlined below are the top four; you’ll find more in the instruction manual.


Learn your Strengths - Discover your character strengths and how you can improve on them!


Strengths Spotting - Decide on your team members best character strengths. Help them discover their strengths throughout the game through open deep conversations and self reflection.

Self-introspection - Select three of your signature character strengths and three strengths that you’d like to improve on. Explore them with your team members to find out how others perceive your strengths and what you may not be seeing!


Role Playing - Play the role of a person you want to get to know better and discover them through their peers eyes! For example, a mother can play the role of her child in cooperation with her child’s teachers, to understand her child’s best character strengths and those that need to be improved on.  Likewise, a manager can play an employee with his team members.

Creating Authentic Moments

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